Our History

Our history at Warriors MMA is an inspiring tale of perseverance and passion for martial arts. It all began with a group of friends who shared the same love for boxing, kickboxing and jiujitsu. They started training together, learning from each other and pushing the limits of their own abilities. As they grew in skill and experience, they realized that they wanted to share their knowledge and passion with others. And so, Warriors MMA was born in Montreal.

Since then, we have evolved into a welcoming community of fighters and enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and have trained and competed in various martial arts disciplines. They bring their wealth of experience and expertise to every class, ensuring that our students receive top-notch training and guidance.

What sets us apart from other MMA gyms is our philosophy of holistic training. We believe that martial arts training should not only build physical strength and agility, but also foster mental discipline and emotional resilience. Our classes focus not only on technique and skill development, but also on mindset, nutrition and injury prevention.

Over the years, we have trained countless students who have gone on to become successful fighters, competitors and simply better versions of themselves. We take pride in our legacy of producing fighters who embody the spirit of warriors – disciplined, tough and courageous. We look forward to continuing our mission of spreading the love of martial arts to the Montreal community and beyond.

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What they saY

maxim myre bourque -

Professionnels, à l'écoute. On se sent facilement accepté. Tout niveau, compétition à conditionnement physique, tout ages. La place art martiaux dans le far west Warriors 👊

Coach Thompson Boxing -

Super endroit pour apprendre toutes sortes d'arts martiaux mixtes. Peu importe votre objectif personnel, Kyle qui est l'entraîneur et le propriétaire prendra soin de vous.

Francis St-amour -

Meilleure école de l'ouest de l'île, que vous débutiez ou que vous soyez déjà avancé. Une équipe d'étudiants et d'entraîneurs formidables!

Tony Efram -

Le meilleur jiu-jitsu absolu de l'ouest de l'île de Montréal. Un excellent environnement pour l'apprentissage. Si je peux donner plus de 5 étoiles, je le ferais.